Human Health

New breakthrough therapies and diagnostics

Who has health has hope and who has hope has everything. Despite all progress there is still enormous unmet medical need. 

What is the emerging breakthrough to help cure cancer or autoimmune diseases? What are game changing technologies that can revolutionize drug discovery and development? How will the healthcare systems of the future look like and how can we prevent diseases from emerging at all?

Smart Materials

Chemistry and beyond

New materials are more than often standing at the basis of technology breakthroughs and chemistry is a true enabling science to make game changing solutions possible.

What power do new intelligent materials hold? How will nanotechnology and advanced surface chemistry shape the future? Where is chemistry heading?

Vibrant Digital

Digitalization, AI, and robotics

Digitalization is changing everything. Machine learning, big data analysis, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality will change the world as we know it.

How can this power be used to design and build the products and services of the future? How can augmented intelligence be the ultimate empowerment for humanity? Is the singularity near? The power of in-silico – a new universe in the making.

Bright Future

New ways of working together

Science and technology are constantly advancing and can be powerful forces to shape a bright future for humanity.

What are key game changers and potential future breakthroughs that have the power to change the world? What are new ways of working and collaborating? How does the ideal high performing innovator organization look like?

Human Mind

Consciousness uncovered

The most complex system in the universe is located within each and every one of us.

How can we unlock the keys to understanding consciousness? Can diseases of the mind become diseases of the past? How will a more complete understanding of the mind translate to new therapies and treatments for old diseases?

Life Reimagined

Synthetic biology and beyond

The future is within reach, powered by breakthroughs in technologies that have the potential to correct genetic defects to enable cures for diseases, reprogram mesenchymal stem cells to heal injuries, and probe the mysteries of the microbiome to discover the hidden drivers of health and wellness. 

What technologies will unlock the potential of the future with important ethical and legal questions to consider?  There are endless opportunities to reimagine life as we know it. 

Renewable Energy

Sustainability and storage

Global climate change is causing natural disasters of increasing frequency and intensity.

What are the innovations we need to power the world of tomorrow? Does the battery need to be re-invented to store energy more efficiently? How can we minimize our carbon footprint without giving up the inherent advantages to a life of carbon consumption?


Healthy food for a growing world

The Haber–Bosch process helped feed the world in the 20th century. Now new processes and innovations are necessary to feed a growing human population in the 21st century.

How do we provide equal access to healthy food to all humankind? Is it possible to end starvation? How do we feed humanity without destroying the environment?

Mobility & Space Flight

Transportation for tomorrow

The speed of globalization is determined by how quickly and efficiently we can move goods, people, and ideas around the world.

What are the sustainable transportation solutions required preserving the environment? Will space travel become commonplace in the future? Can we use alternatives to fossil fuels to power air travel?


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