Top Global Science Prizes​

As curious minds, we are always keen to learn more about brilliant scientists having received one of the Top Global Science Prizes. Therefore, we compiled a list of the most important scientific awards and added a direct link to look up the recipients.
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Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy X Prize Competition                                                                        6,542,056 €Adult literacy
Alexander von Humboldt Professorship                                                                        5,000,000 €Science
Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences                                                                        2,803,738 €Life Science
Balzan Prize                                                                        1,009,346 €Physics, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Medicine
Baillet Latour Biomedical Award                                                                        1,000,000 €Medicine, Biomedicine
Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE Competition                                                                           934,579 €Women’s safety
Abel Prize                                                                           679,907 €Mathematics
Albany Medical Center Prize                                                                           467,290 €Medicine, Biomedicine
Charles Stark Draper Prize                                                                           467,290 €Engineering
Copernicus Award                                                                           200,000 €Scientific collaboration
Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists                                                                           112,150 €Life Science, Physical Science, Engineering
Canada Gairdner International Award                                                                             69,159 €Medical Sciences
Cloëtta Prize                                                                              50,467 €Medical Research
Academy Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences                                                                             50,000 €Science
Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis/Zukunftspreis                                                                             50,000 €Laser research
Clarke Prize                                                                              46,729 €Water science
Common Wealth Award of Distinguished Service                                                                              46,729 €Science, Literature, Dramatic Arts, Invention, Mass communications, Public Service, Government
Crafoord Prize                                                                             36,262 €Mathematics, Astronomy, Polyarthritis, Geosciences, Biosciences
Copley Medal                                                                             28,037 €Physics, Mathematics, Biology
Alwin Mittasch Prize                                                                             10,000 €Chemistry, Biotechnology
Albert Einstein World Award of Science                                                                              9,346 €Science
Benjamin Franklin Medals                                                                              9,346 €Computer Science, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Leadership, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science, Life Science, Chemistry
Borlaug Award                                                                              5,607 €Agriculture, Environmental Science
Albert Einstein Medal Physics
ANZAAS Medal Science
Arthur B. Guise Medal Fire protection engineering
Bailey K. Ashford Medal Tropical medicine
Clarke Medal Geology, Botany, Zoology
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
Future Insight Prize  up to 1.000.000 € Science, Further varying topics
Dan David Prize                                                                        2,803,738 €Sciences
European Research Council Grants                                                                        2,500,000 €Science
Fraunhofer Attract                                                                        2,500,000 €Science
Fresenius Research Prize                                                                        2,500,000 €Biomedical Science
Environment Prize                                                                           500,000 €Environmental Science
Ernst Jung Prize                                                                           300,000 €Medical Science
Francqui Prize                                                                           250,000 €Exact Science, Humanities, Biomedical Science
Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences                                                                           233,645 €Chemistry
Dr. AH Heineken Prize for Medicine                                                                           200,000 €Medicinal Sciences
Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research                                                                           186,916 €Biomedical Science
Danone International Prize for Nutrition                                                                           120,000 €Alimentation
Fernström Prize                                                                             90,654 €Science
Dickson Prize in Medicine                                                                             46,729 €Biomedical Science
Enrico Fermi Award                                                                             46,729 €Energy research
Fraunhofer-Bessel Research Award                                                                             45,000 €Science
Florey Medal                                                                             32,243 €Biomedical Science
Emanuel Merck Lectureship                                                                             30,000 €Chemistry
Fields Medal                                                                             10,374 €Mathematics
Friedmund Neumann Prize                                                                             10,000 €Biology, Chemistry, Medicine
Dannie Heinemann Prize                                                                              9,346 €Mathematical physics
Demidov Prize                                                                              9,346 €Science
Eureka Award                                                                              6,449 €Collaborative Research
Dirac Medal of the ICPT                                                                              4,673 €Theoretical Physics
Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology                                                                              4,673 €Nanotechnology
Faraday Lectureship Prize                                                                              3,364 €Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry
Davy Medal                                                                              2,243 €Chemistry
David Syme Research Prize                                                                                 645 €Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology
Department of Energy (Various grants) Energy research
Dirac Medal of the UNSW Theoretical Physics
Dirac Medal of the WATOC Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics
Edgeworth David Medal Science
European Inventor Award Scientific inventions
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
Google Lunar XPRIZE Competition                                                                       18,691,589 €Space transportation
Global learning Xprize Competition                                                                        9,345,794 €Education
IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition                                                                        4,672,897 €AI technologies
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize                                                                        2,500,000 €Science
Highest Science and Technology Award                                                                        1,121,495 €Science
Gruber Prize in Cosmology                                                                           467,290 €Cosmology
Gruber Prize in Genetics                                                                           467,290 €Genetics
Gruber Prize in Neuroscience                                                                           467,290 €Neuroscience
Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization                                                                           467,290 €Space transportation
International Cosmos Prize                                                                           276,636 €Environmental Science
Ho-Am Prize in Science                                                                           252,336 €Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Life Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Arts, Community Services
Indianapolis Prize                                                                           233,645 €Animal Conservation
Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award                                                                           100,935 €Science
Infosys Prize                                                                             93,458 €Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities, Life Science, Mathematics, Physicas, Social Sciences
Izaak-Walton-Killam Award                                                                             93,458 €Science
Gunnerus Sustainability Award                                                                             90,654 €Sustainability
Harvey Prize                                                                             70,093 €Science
International Prize for Biology                                                                             69,159 €Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology
Georg Forster Research Award                                                                             60,000 €Science
Humboldt Research Award                                                                             60,000 €Science
HFSP Nakasone Award                                                                              9,346 €Biology
Gödel Prize                                                                              4,673 €Theoretical computer science
Hugo African Prize                                                                              4,673 €Biomedical research
Humboldt Prize                                                                              3,000 €Science
H. K. Firodia Awards                                                                              2,243 €Science
G. D. Birla Award for Scientific Research                                                                              1,682 €Science 
Hackerman Award                                                                              1,402 €Chemistry
IOP Awards                                                                              1,121 €Physics, Various subdisciplines
George Sarton Medal Science history
Grande Médaille Science
Hall of Fame der Deutschen Forschung Sciences
Harold Brown Award Aviation research
Henry Marshall Tory Medal Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
iAwards Innovation
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
Körber European Science Prize                                                                        1,000,000 €Life Science, Physics
Millennium Technology Prize                                                                        1,000,000 €Science
Kavli Prize                                                                           934,579 €Nanoscience, Neuroscience, Astrophysics
Kyoto Prize                                                                           691,589 €Science
Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine                                                                           504,673 €Biomedical Science
Lemelson–MIT Prize                                                                           467,290 €Technology innovations
Mustafa Prize                                                                           467,290 €Science
Japan Prize                                                                           345,794 €Science
LaskerBloomberg Public Service Award                                                                           280,374 €Public Service
Lasker Award                                                                           233,645 €Medical Science
March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology                                                                           233,645 €Developmental Biology
King Faisal International Prize                                                                           189,252 €Medical Science, Sciences
Michelson Grant                                                                           140,187 €Medical Science
Koch Prize                                                                           120,000 €Science
L’oreal unesco women in science award                                                                             93,458 €Life Science, Material sciences
Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences                                                                             93,458 €Biomedical Sciences
Marconi Prize                                                                             93,458 €Communication technologies
Margalef Prize in Ecology                                                                             80,000 €Environmental Science
Lounsbery Award                                                                             70,093 €Medical Science, Biology
Keio Medical Science Prize                                                                             69,159 €Medical Science
Michael Bruno Memorial Medal                                                                             51,776 €Science
Meyenburg Prize                                                                             50,000 €Cancer research
Johann-Anton Merck Award                                                                             30,000 €Preclinical Research
Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize                                                                             28,037 €Immunology
John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science                                                                             23,364 €Science
Keeling Curve Prize                                                                             23,364 €Environmental research
Kalinga Prize                                                                             18,692 €Science popularization
Longevity Prize                                                                             18,692 €Longevity
Leopold Griffuel Prize                                                                             15,000 €Clinical research
Liebig Medal                                                                              7,500 €Chemistry
Lavoisier Medal                                                                              1,500 €Chemistry
James Cook Medal Science
Lomonosov Gold Medal Science
Magellanic Premium Astronomy, Natural Philospophy
Makdougall Brisbane Prize Science
Marcel Benoist Prize – for sciences and the humanities Science
Marsden Medal Science
Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture Physics
Max Planck Medal Physics
Mueller Medal Geology
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
National Institutes of Health Director’s Pioneer Award                                                                        3,271,028 €Science
NASA Centennial Challenges                                                                           934,579 €3D printed habitat
Nobel Prize                                                                           906,542 €Medical Science, Chemistry, Physics
Palo Alto Longevity Prize                                                                           500,000 €Longevity
Palo Alto Homoestatic Capacity Prize                                                                           500,000 €Homoestatic Capacity
Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water                                                                            252,336 €Water related innovation
Prime Minister’s Prize for Science                                                                           233,645 €Science, Innovation, Life Science, Physics
Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research                                                                           140,187 €Cancer research
Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize                                                                           120,000 €Medical Science
Nigeria Prize for Science                                                                             93,458 €Science
Potamkin Prize                                                                             93,458 €Alzheimer research
Pessoa Prize                                                                             60,000 €Science, literature, art
Otto Hahn Prize                                                                             50,000 €Physics, Chemistry
Princess of Asturias Awards                                                                             46,729 €Science
Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science                                                                             41,869 €Chemistry, Material Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences
Prix Lionel-Boulet                                                                             28,037 €Science
Prix Marie Victorin                                                                             28,037 €Science, Engineering, Agriculture
NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science                                                                             23,364 €Science
Nierenberg Prize                                                                             23,364 €Science
NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing                                                                             18,692 €Scientific reviewing
Oliver E. Buckley condensed matter prize                                                                             18,692 €Condensed Matter Physics
Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science                                                                              9,346 €Scientific literature
Om Prakash Bhasin Award                                                                              1,121 €Agriculture, Biotechnology, Electronics, Information technology, Engineering, Aerospace technology, Medical Science
National Medal of Science Science
National Medal of Technology and Innovation Science
Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award Healthcare
Pearcey Award Information and communication technology
Percy L. Julian Award Chemistry and chemical engineering
Progress Medall Imaging
Queens Award Innovation, Sustainability
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
Shell Ocean Discovery Xprize Competition                                                                        6,542,056 €Ocean Exploration
Spinoza Prize                                                                        2,500,000 €Science
Stevin Prize                                                                        2,500,000 €Science
Skoll Awards For Social Entrepreneurship                                                                        2,102,804 €Social entrepreneurship
Trinity Challenge                                                                        1,457,944 €Pandemic research
Shaw Prize                                                                        1,121,495 €Astronomy, Life Science, Medicine, Mathematics
State Preeminent Science and Technology Award                                                                        1,121,495 €Science
Turing Award                                                                           934,579 €Computer Science
Russ Prize                                                                           467,290 €Engineering
Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement                                                                           186,916 €Environmental Science 
Rey Jaime I Awards                                                                             93,458 €Fundamental research, Medical Science, Environmental protection, New technologies, Entrepreneurship, Economy
Rumelhart Prize                                                                             93,458 €Human cognition
Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Preservation                                                                             65,421 €Environmental Science
Rutherford Medal                                                                             58,879 €Science
Schering Prize                                                                              50,000 €Biomedical research
Rappaport Prize for Biomedical Research                                                                             46,729 €Biomedical research
Rosenstiel Award                                                                             28,037 €Basic medical research
SA Scientist of the Year                                                                             23,364 €Science
Rising Black Scientists Awards                                                                              9,346 €Science
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology                                                                              6,168 €Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medical Science, Physics
Symbiont Award                                                                              2,336 €Data sharing
Saruhashi Prize                                                                              2,075 €Science
Research Parasite Award                                                                                 935 €Data analysis
Sir John William Dawson Medal                                                                                 935 €Science
RSV Young Scientist Research Prizes                                                                                 645 €Biology, Biomedical Research, Health, Earth Sciences, Physics
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology, Volcanology
Royal Medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Environmental research, Life science, Physics, Engineering, Informatics, Arts, Humanities
RSV Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research Science
Sandford Fleming Medal Science communication
Prize Prize money (converted in €) Category
VinFuture Prize                                                                        2,803,738 €Science
WLA Prize in Computer Science or Mathematics                                                                        1,401,869 €Computer Sciences, Mathematics
WLA Prize in Life Science or Medicine                                                                        1,401,869 €Life Science, Medical Science
Warren Alpert Foundation Prize                                                                           467,290 €Medical Research
Welch Award in Chemistry                                                                           467,290 €Chemistry
World Food Prize                                                                           233,645 €Food science
Volvo Environment Prize                                                                            135,981 €Environmental Science, Sustainability
Wieland Prize                                                                           100,000 €Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology
Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science                                                                             93,458 €Biomedical Science
Wolf Prize in Chemistry                                                                             93,458 €Chemistry
Women Empowerment Award                                                                             23,364 €Entrepreneurship
Vannevar Bush Award Science
Werner von Siemens Ring Science
Wilhelm Exner Medal Science
WITI@UC Athena Awards Computer Sciences
W. S. Bruce Medal Zoology, Botany, Geology, Meterology, Oceanography, Geography

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