Some of the world’s brightest scientists and most accomplished entrepreneurs, including Nobel laureates and numerous other science and technology thought leaders will come together to present their work and explore the future of science & technology; solving the challenges of today and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow. This is the world’s most renowned gathering on the future of science & technology. It covers a broad range of topics such as: health, nutrition, synthetic biology, materials, energy, digitalization, mobility, human mind and new ways of working together.

Ignite Session

The Ignite sessions are a series of 10-minute on-site presentations to engage the audience with cutting edge science. These sessions are organized thematically by topic area and are open to all participants of the Curious2022 – Future Insight conference. To apply for a presentation slot, register for the conference and upload an abstract of your proposed presentation. All abstracts will be evaluated by the Curious2022 – Future Insight conference team and you will be informed prior to the start of the conference if you have been selected to present.

The Ignite Session will be attended by a jury of internationally recognized scientific experts. Our jury will select one speaker from each Ignite Session who will have the opportunity to present in the main presentation hall on-site on day 2 of the Curious2022 – Future Insight conference. Take this opportunity to achieve maximum visibility for your research by registering for the Curious2022 – Future Insight™ Conference now.

Poster Exhibition

An interactive poster session for selected participants to present their current work, projects and research. Each day of the conference will feature a new topic area at the cutting edge of innovation.

To participate, register for the conference and upload a short abstract of your proposed presentation.

Nature Award – Science in Shorts

Science plays a vital role in our society yet more often than not, its true impact and value can be hard to communicate, see or understand. Distilling complex theories, data and experiments, into easily accessible points is challenging.

Science in Shorts, a new competition from Nature Awards and Springer Nature in partnership with Merck KGaA, encourages scientists to enhance the accessibility of their research through short, creative videos that highlight the importance of their work and engage the public with science.

Designed to break down the walls around science and capture the attention of the public, applicants were asked to produce a 60-second video to present their research – the more engaging and creative the better. The best of these videos will be made available on and on YouTube. The shortlist will be determined by a multidisciplinary team of editors, reporters, filmmakers, researchers and communications specialists from across the Nature Portfolio.

AAAS/Science Roundtable – AI for a Better World

Artificial intelligence (AI) already saturates daily life, driving Google’s product recommendations, writing texts on your smart phone, powering self-driving technology in cars. But this is only the beginning. The roundtable will bring together a diverse set of AI experts to offer a tour of its frontiers, highlighting both the promise and challenges. Why does AI handily beat human players in games of skill such as Go, yet fail on tasks that are simple for humans, like distinguishing a white truck from a bright background? How can AI be designed to learn from experience, rather than preset training data? When will AI be ready to diagnose disease and recommend treatments with the same skill as doctors? The roundtable will also look at questions of ethics and governance that grow more urgent as the technology grows more powerful. How do we ensure AI serves the greater good rather than reinforcing inequity?

Future InsightTM Prize

Awarded for the first time in 2019, the Future Insight™ Prize will be presented annually for the next 35 years to honor outstanding achievements in science and technology towards groundbreaking innovations in the areas of health, nutrition, and energy.

The prize will come with a targeted 1,000,000 EUR research grant to the winner.

The awarding for the 2022 Future Insight™ Prize will be given during the Curious – Future Insight™ Conference.

AskMeAnything Circle

The AMA circle is a chance to get up close and personal with the keynote speakers and raise any-and-all questions you have. This Q and A opportunity will give you the chance to interact with visionary scientific thought leaders in an intimate and personal fashion.


The Curious2022 – Future Insight™ Conference will feature workshops for participants to deep-dive into a specific topic to gain insights and exchange ideas in an interactive setting. Please stay tuned for further information.


After a day of inspiration from the interesting speakers and panels participate in our networking evening events. Use the momentum gained thought the conference to network and set-up new business contacts while enjoying dinner and drinks.

The Keeling Curve Prize

The Keeling Curve Prize is awarded by the Global Warming Mitigation Project for projects with a proven track record of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. An expert team of climate scientists and analysts who understand the root cause and how to solve Global Warming have developed five categories, each one addressing a specific sector of climate innovation. The Global Warming Mitigation Project awards $25,000 to two projects in each category annually.

ScienceFluencer Award

The ScienceFluencer award has been established by Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie in partnership with Merck to promote science communication.

To promote science communication, the ScienceFluencer award honors the work of young scientists (students, doctoral candidates, postdocs) from the life sciences which present scientific content to the public. With this award we intend to create a bridge between scientific societies, industry, universities and people interested in science.

The award will be presented at the Curious2022 Future Insight Conference and the winner will receive a €1,000 cash prize. The application deadline for life science students is May 05, 2022.

Johann Anton Merck Award

Awarded for the first time in 2020, the Johann Anton Merck Award honors outstanding scientific preclinical research in the areas of Oncology and Autoimmunity. The award is an achievement award given out annually and comes with a €30,000 prize.