United by science for a better tomor­row

Health, nutrition, synthetic biology, materials, energy, digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, mobility, space flight, secrets of the human mind and new ways of working together.

One of the world's leading gatherings on the future of science & technology.

July 10–11, 2024

Mainz, Germany
On-site and Online participation

United by Science for a better tomorrow

One of the world's leading gatherings on the future of science & technology. ​

July 10–11, 2024 ​​ | Germany
On-site and online participation

Curious­ Future Insight™ Conference

Over the millennia science & technology have steadily advanced, but key unsolved challenges remain, and much more is possible. The Curious – Future Insight™ Conference brings together some of the world’s brightest scientists and most accomplished innovators to present their work and explore the future of science and technology, solving the challenges of today and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow.

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Nobel Laureates
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This was the Woodstock of science.

- Participant Curious2018

Examples of speakers 2018 - 2024

The Curious – Future Insight™ Conference brings together Nobel laureates and other leading scientists and innovators from across the globe. Join them to explore the most promising breakthroughs in science & technology!
Probably the next step up in quality is the Nobel Prize Ceremony.

- Participant Curious2018


What will tomorrow look like? Investigate the future with scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs bringing it to life one breakthrough at a time.

Human Health

New breakthrough therapies and diagnostics

Smart Materials

Chemistry and beyond​

Vibrant Digital​

Digitalization, AI, and robotics

Bright Future

New ways of working together

Human Mind

Consciousness uncovered

Life Reimagined

Synthetic biology and more

Renewable Energy

Sustainability and storage


Healthy food for a growing world

Mobility & Space Flight

Transportation for tomorrow
I am at a lot of conferences, and I can say that this was by far the most interesting, energetic and diverse I have witnessed in a long time.

- Participant Curious2018


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